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Log home lighting will have a significant impact on the interior colors and spatial feel of your log home.  Below you will find a list of lighting terminology along with helpful tips when selecting placement, fixtures and bulbs.

General log home lighting will provide a modest amount of light over a large area. In some rooms, one lighting fixture or a group of fixtures can provide all illumination. This is common in the great room.  Tall vaulted ceilings and large south facing windows allow for a lot of natural light and large spatial feel, requiring fewer fixtures throughout the room.

For the greatest log home lighting energy efficiency use compact fluorescent downlights. The best performing systems typically use a 32-watt "triple tube" downlight. They provide more light than a 100 watt incandescent lamp and consume 1/3 the amount of energy.  Check the effect on color, because they will create a different look than the traditional bulb.

Task lighting illuminates specific work areas like kitchen countertops, offices and workshops. Task lights will minimize reliance on overhead lighting and provide better quality lighting for a specific work area. Recessed can lights are recommended for this application. These lamps are energy efficient while producing dramatic and intense lighting effects.

Ambient lighting is used to set a mood within a living space, be it dramatic or subtle. You can use ambient lights to illuminate beams, posts and artwork, fireplace, and other highlights throughout your log home.  This approach to lighting uses less energy and is a very attractive way to light a room, hallway or entryway.

Decorative lighting within a log home includes permanent fixtures like chandeliers and sconces as well as portable lighting such as table lamps. Decorative lighting is usually chosen based upon its style and appearance, and as a result, can provide only some portion of ambient or task lighting.

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